Testimonials From Ex-Students

Pranay Jaiswal

Life without thankfulness is devoid of love and passion and silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone. So I take this opportunity to extend my gratitude to my College and Principal Sir for chiseling my career and sparing their precious time in kindling our talents. Reflecting on all that I’m grateful to my college is “eternal”. My four years in COE were transformative. COE has opened my eyes to the limitless educational possibilities and helped us to build a winning resume. Last of all, I would like to thank College of Engineering immensely for what it has given me and the support it has showed in my aspirations towards a successful career. The teachers, placement cell, and all other staff have been very helpful and approachable. They have provided me with all the guidance I required.

Sheetu Zutshi
System Analyst|John Deere

The first time when I entered the college…I still remember the nervousness I felt…I was more than 2000 KM from my home…few days into college and then onwards it was an unforgettable journey…those four years I cherish. The time when I grew as an individual…grew in an environment which was so motivating to give our best always…all our lecturers very knowledgeable and supportive.. the picturesque view of the college was so refreshing.. I stayed in the girl’s hostel for four years and must appreciate the way it was maintained always… the garden in the middle of the hostel is the star attraction.

Akshat Vashist | Indian Army

My decision to take admission at COE wasn't an easy one to make, there were numerous thoughts in the mind about the new environment, new people and new place. But to my surprise the COE turned to be the finest institute which not only enriches the technical vocabulary of its students in terms of skill development but also lay emphasis on over all development of students as responsible and better human beings. I admire the experienced faculty, state of the art laboratories and peer culture which in turn had marked a life long association. The years I spent at COE were among the best ones in my life which not only turned me a better skillful person but also graduated me in all walks of life. I place my sincere regards before each member of ' The COE Family'.

Jaiprakash Soni

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