Association of Instrumentation Engineers for World Automation

Culture is the key to the creative potential of community or society. Arts are the most important facets of culture. Art transmits ideas and beliefs across generations reminding people what their ancestors thought and what they upheld as beautiful and precious. The promotion, preservation and dissemination of information on India’s cultural heritage has been the prime concern of the College Of Engineering, Ambajogai.

The AIEWA was inaugurated in 2004.

AIEWA, a departmental cell technical symposium conducting, has over the years proved itself to be a remarkable platform for students to test their caliber. It aims to be to show the hidden talents of students. AIEWA challenges people coming from various walks of engineering to tune their theoretical knowledge into real life applications . The variety of events extends from paper presentations, group discussion, expert lectures, project competitions to new and upcoming technology. One’s success at these events display’s their engineering skills, and helps in their overall development. Industrial specialists take AIEWA as an opportunity to educate the youth of tomorrow by conducting workshops and seminars. Even some of the sports, cultural activities are also conducted to show the spirit, unity and integrity within the students.